How I'm doing

1945 21.05.2024
Busy life, everything is crazy right now, lot of tears tbh. Also Falsettos soundtrack probably not the optimum choice for when I'm work on my booklet for my early childhood education course, but it's my life.

2121 14.05.2024
Life is alright, thanly god for my father who helps me lie to get out of things.

0916 13.05.2024
Had a weirdly honest conversation with my mother.

2049 11.05.2024
The sky was red and the stars were beatiful.

1552 08.05.2024
Tired and sore, I think my joint problems are getting worse. The freauency with which my patellas and ankles slip out has increased and so has the time it takes for the pain to go away. Otherwise things not awful.

2058 04.05.2024
Generally feeling kinda bad.

0849 03.05.2024
Stressing because I have a assessment that's only half done due tonight, I should be able to get it done seing as i did the first half yesterday afternoon, but still. I always think I have learned my lesson when it comes to procrastination, but it turns out I never have.

0910 02.05.2025
School utterly boring, but at the very least I'm starting to feel a little more confident in my te reo class. Started doing spaced repetion to improve my vocab in te reo.

1234 28.04.2024
School starts back up tomorrow, not sure how I feel about that. I've been thinking about growing up, how the most fun parts are the most terrifying, idk earnestly asking people what they plan to do with their lives feels weird.

1219 25.04.2024
It's been a littlw bit since i updated this site. Break is almost ovr but it's been good. Travelled a bit, toured the university that I'm hoping to go to. Also as of the last couple days there's been good developments in my personal life, I'm hoping that this coming term feels better than the last one.

1933 14.04.2024
Finally on term break, have plans for a few days from now but atm it's mostly rotting in bed. Drank alcohol for the first time today, don't feel any different but it's hard to tell if that's because wasn't even a standard drink I'm pretty sure.

0939 10.04.2024
Turns out that working crew for the school production takes a lot out of you. RIP me who will forever have songs that have never existed anywhere except this production stuck in my head. I'm very busy and tired, but it's nice to feel like I'm a part of something.

0305 06.04.2024
Still trying to figure out what i should do with my life, the expectations and hopes people have for me make me nervous.

2009 03.04.2024
Trying to figure out what exactly it is that makes me hate all of my classes so much. Unrelated sidenote, why is the wikipedia page for the Shakers seem like it was written by someone who desparately wishes that they stilled existed.

1454 01.04.2024
Drove to the city with my dad a couple days ago, got ethiopian food and went to the art museum. Life continues on, enjoying the long weekend and looking forward to term break. Started listening to wtnv again, I'm starting over from the beginning and trying to actually catch up this time.

1953 26.03.2024
Been better than usual, only losing my mind a little bit, but I stg if I have to hear one more person talk about respect.

1701 23.03.2024
Drove to the city with family, got dim sum. Went to a used bookstore, had books on pretty much every subject except the one I wanted a book on. Guess I'll just have to wait another six months or so until the next time I visit a used book store.

0835 21.03.2024
Life goes on, I have a babysitting job on Friday, looking forward to actually making some money for myself. Finished my book.

1511 16.03.2024
Introduced a little kid to Calvin & Hobbes today after he told me he liked comics, he'd never heard of it, but he seemed to really like them. Made me feel pretty good about myself.

0912 14.03.2024
I work so hard to make things work, and yet no one wants to accommodate me.

1556 13.03.2024
Teachers will talk about respect and then turn up 5 minutes late to the assessment they scheduled during your lunch period.

1902 12.03.2024
In the nightmare zone atm, way too much to do.

1956 06.03.2024
I finished Les Vampires, it's 7 hours long, they should give me a metal.

1844 04.03.2024
Very tired, wish weekends were longer.

1716 26.02.2024
Working my way through Les Vampires, it's better than I expected, I just wish it was shorter.

0832 23.02.2024
I feel like my relationship with my younger sister has gotten a lot better recently and I'm happy about that.

1745 22.02.2023
Doing fine, having a pain flare up

1119 21.02.2024
God I need to get out of this school, genuinely can't stand it here.

1959 20.02.2024
Very tired as of late, feel like I'm losing my mind a little. I'm trying to learn to touch type the proper way, it'll be better in the long run, but currently it's very annoying - I'm a lot faster and make a lot less mistakes the improper way.

0801 19.02.2024
Started a new book yesterday evening. Really should work on my missing homework.

1611 17.02.2024
No longer sick, doing pretty good now.

1956 14.02.2024
I'm sick.... Eugh.

2004 13.02.2024
Suffering baddly trying to find a biography of Dr James Barry that uses he/him pronouns for him.

0922 12.02.2024
Lost my USB-C to USB adpator, got a new one, doesn't work. Was the only one in store. Losing marbles

1212 08.02.2024
Life's been hectic, school's starting up. Losing my mind a little bit.

1458 01.02.2024
Got some very frustrating news, not sure how to deal with the huge amounts of rage inside of me at the moment. I've been trying to fix my sleep schedule.

1851 28.01.2024
I've decided I hate apple.

1521 26.01.2024
For various reasons I've switched from windows to mac and I am not really enjoying it. Does help with my goal of becoming more tech savvy, seeing as I've had to do stuff like figure out how to install wine so that I could pirate sims 4 dlc. Still getting used to it though. Currently in the process of istalling windows on a virtual machine.

1950 23.01.2024
Went to the city to get an ECG, it's been like 7 years so I'd forgotten how weird it feels. Bathed my dog and he was a really good sport about it, I was sure i was going to have to fight him, but once i got him the shower he just let me spray him down and shampoo & condition him (I used dog shampoo & conditioner). He got one of the dried kangaroo tales we bought as a reward for being so good.

0053 23.01.2024
Spent three days with a friend and had a really nice time. Finally got a new computer, had some technical difficulties, think im keeping the garage office. My hatred of microsoft only grows stronger.

1419 16.01.2024
We had people over yesterday evening, new neighbours, seemed nice enough.

1348 15.01.2023
Been playing a lot of the Sims 4 recently, it's pretty fun. I have just so many mods.

1552 14.01.2024
The back light on my laptop broke, currently using a monitor borrowed from my father connected via hdmi cable. I have set up an office in the garage.

1810 07.01.2024
Both of my ice creams turned out pretty shit, i think it must just be to humid here to make it without and iceream maker. My uncle and aunt are visiting, which is nice ig.

1857 06.01.2024
Making the cucumber ice cream, unfortunately only tastes like the lime + alcohol, and not the cucumber. But we'll see how it turns out.

0143 06.01.2024
Listening to in sickness & in flames by the front bottoms again, and I forgot just how good of an album it is.

1948 05.01.2024
Went out with friends again, had a good time. Planning to try making the cucumber ice cream from Max Miller's video. Working on a gift for a friend.

1752 03.01.2024
Got to spend some time with people I don't see very often. We had a lot of fun.

2329 02.01.2024
I think that Fall of the Star High School Running Back is an underrated song.

1355 02.01.2024
I'v been playing so much ticket to ride on board game arena that I've started having dreams about it almost every night.

1723 01.01.2024
I've been feeling weird these past couple of weeks, and my mental illness kind of got the better of me a little, so it was kind of hard to like post on here. I'm okay now though, I think. Christmas was fine, and so was new years, it feels weird to be in 2024.

1207 20.12.2023
Shaved my head again, very happy with it!! Tbh there's about 20 other hairstyles that would suit me better, but this one is both always read as masculine and easy to do at home.

1533 19.12.2023
Helped my sister make cookies, and played 2 games of ticket to ride with, won both of them. It was a nice time.

1239 18.12.2023
Went to a cafe with my friend, I got an iced chocolate and an almond croissant, and he got a long black and an almond croissant. We spent talked about board games and books and coding. It was lot's of fun. Working on crocheting the sweater still.

1433 17.12.2023
Hopeing to meet up with a friend at some point in the next week. Working on the crochet jumper, it's more annoying than I thought it would be, but I'm stilll having a pretty good time. Tearing out my hair trying to learn javascript. Thinking of setting up my books page, and also maybe actually doing some reading.

1702 15.12.2023
After many hours of unravelling, winding, and knot-untangling I have finally converted the thrifted blanket into balls of yarn and can now start the jumper. First time creating a crochet garment, so this should be a fun project.

1819 14.12.2023
I can't stand this family.

1546 14.12.2023
Very tired as of late, also very sleepless. I started on trying to learn how to play the gutiar I got last year(!!). It was quite painful. Working on learning javascript, it's very fickle.

2056 12.12.2023
Bought a knit blanket from an op shop for 4 dollars. Currently in the process of unravel it and turning it into balls of yarn. Disappointingly, the burn test revealed it to be polyester, which wasn't unexpected. It's not great quality, and it's quite worn, it's also enough to make a sweater and it was cheap, so I'll make do.

1501 11.12.2023
Encrypting the 1 terabyte hard drive I got for my birthday. VeraCrypt says it's going to take 16 hours T-T. Sidenote, why doesn't windows 10 home edition come with bitlocker? I just wanted to password protect my hard drive, no one I'm worried about looking at my files warrants the intense encrpytion.

1032 10.12.2023
I'm considering drawing something for the song FUCKMYLIFE666 by Against Me!. I've been listening to Transgender Dysphoria Blues a lot, it's just such a good album.

1931 09.12.2023
Talked to my friend today an showed her this website, that was fun. I'm thinking about linking it on my tumblr.

1530 09.12.2023
Life is going pretty good at the moment, have many plans for the summer.